FED Tapering: The Cause and Effect

DollarsFor the past months, the stock market was hounded by the news of “Fed tapering”. Its uncertainty has brought the market lower since the record high registered in May 2013. Many market players and prospective investors who are tuned in to business news are still concerned and worried of Continue reading

What is Your Weighting This Year?

PortfolioWeightingRight after the holiday season, a lot of people look at their weight and see how much they have gained.  The same should be done to our portfolio as well.  How did it fare? And what is the next move? And for the rest of the year, how much weighting do we employ to our portfolio?

Portfolio weighting is the next step after being able to do diversification and allocation.  Let us play back some of this concepts before we go in the weighting concept.  First, as an investor, we need to diversify in order to manage Continue reading