Investing In 3D

3D GlassesNowadays, the popular way of enjoying a movie is thru a 3D version.  This is one way for the viewers to feel the thrill of the movie, more so, in an action movie.  Especially the kids, they love that 3D eyeglass they will put on. It gives them that cool feeling.  Similarly, in investing, it is “cool” to know the 3D aspect of it.  The three Ds of investing are Continue reading

Evaluating a Company’s Initial Public Offering (IPO)

stockchartBefore a stock of a company gets listed in a stock exchange, the company will have to offer its shares to the public via an offer known as initial public offering or IPO.  Through this, anyone who would like to participate in the offer or would like to buy the company’s stock may do so by subscribing to the shares being offered.   One will have to go to the selling agent or securities underwriter appointed by the (IPO) company and then pay the corresponding number of shares being subscribed to. This is the easy part.  The hard part is Continue reading