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Ricky So, CIS, RFP® has 25 years of experience in the financial services industry.

How to Choose the Right Funds for You

stockchartAs our economic conditions improve and per capita income rises, more and more Filipinos are capable to invest. Problem is, it was not taught in school nor widely practiced in the family or at work. The dilemma of a potential investor these days is how to tread the investment landscape given the wide variety of available instruments. And without so much experience nor guidance, how should one start investing? What are the proper steps Continue reading

HDI in Finance: High Definition Investing

High Definition Investing

High Definition Investing

Whenever we see the letters HDI, we kind of know what it means especially when it’s a description of a device, like a TV or monitor.  High definition imaging (HDI) sends out clearer images to the viewer.  It intends to gratify the viewing experience of the user.  It is the present trend in technology.

Similar to finance, investments in particular, HDI can mean high-definition investing.  A clear definition of an investment endeavor is Continue reading

FED Tapering: The Cause and Effect

DollarsFor the past months, the stock market was hounded by the news of “Fed tapering”. Its uncertainty has brought the market lower since the record high registered in May 2013. Many market players and prospective investors who are tuned in to business news are still concerned and worried of Continue reading