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How to Choose the Right Funds for You

stockchartAs our economic conditions improve and per capita income rises, more and more Filipinos are capable to invest. Problem is, it was not taught in school nor widely practiced in the family or at work. The dilemma of a potential investor these days is how to tread the investment landscape given the wide variety of available instruments. And without so much experience nor guidance, how should one start investing? What are the proper steps Continue reading

Investing In 3D

3D GlassesNowadays, the popular way of enjoying a movie is thru a 3D version.  This is one way for the viewers to feel the thrill of the movie, more so, in an action movie.  Especially the kids, they love that 3D eyeglass they will put on. It gives them that cool feeling.  Similarly, in investing, it is “cool” to know the 3D aspect of it.  The three Ds of investing are Continue reading

What is Your Weighting This Year?

PortfolioWeightingRight after the holiday season, a lot of people look at their weight and see how much they have gained.  The same should be done to our portfolio as well.  How did it fare? And what is the next move? And for the rest of the year, how much weighting do we employ to our portfolio?

Portfolio weighting is the next step after being able to do diversification and allocation.  Let us play back some of this concepts before we go in the weighting concept.  First, as an investor, we need to diversify in order to manage Continue reading

Stock Market and Financial Ratios

ratiosIn the Philippines, there can be more people who have tried betting in a casino game rather than placing a buy order in the stock market. Gambling is more popular than stock investing. This is attributed to the fact that stock market investing is downright complex for many. Likewise, the result in gambling is much faster to know than the result of an order placed with a stock broker. Moreover, it is easier to choose where one will place the bet – “Hi or Lo”, player or banker, red or white, etc. These are very easy to learn games. Continue reading