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Understanding the Stock Market Tables

Stock Market Tables Image from The Philippine Star

Stock Market Tables Image from The Philippine Star

The stock market page of most newspapers is perhaps the most disregarded section by readers. The reason for this is not a lot of people are into stock investing or are simply not interested in it. Unfortunately, for those who are not reading it, they may have lost a huge market opportunity especially since Continue reading

Stock Market and Financial Ratios

ratiosIn the Philippines, there can be more people who have tried betting in a casino game rather than placing a buy order in the stock market. Gambling is more popular than stock investing. This is attributed to the fact that stock market investing is downright complex for many. Likewise, the result in gambling is much faster to know than the result of an order placed with a stock broker. Moreover, it is easier to choose where one will place the bet – “Hi or Lo”, player or banker, red or white, etc. These are very easy to learn games. Continue reading

Dividend Stocks – what are they?

pse may 7 chartThe local stock market these days is getting a lot of attention.  The stock market index – the PSEi had been going up and recording highs for more than 20 times this year.  As of this writing, the stock market index has breached the 7,000 level mark.  Moreover, as the interest Continue reading